Martini Cocktail: The Old and Classic Drink

Martini Cocktail: The Old and Classic Drink

EB White, the famous American writer has called the martini cocktail the “elixir of quietude”. Martini is a cocktail made with vermouth and gin, and garnished with a lemon twist of olive.

Origin of the Martini Cocktail

The exact origin of martini cocktail is unknown but it is said that in 1863, a vermouth maker from Italy started marketing their product under the brand name of Martini, after the name of its director. It is believed that the brand name may be because of the cocktail’s name. There is another story which suggests that in 1860s at the Occidental hotel in San Francisco which was located near a nearby town named Marinez, martini cocktail was first offered on the menu. However People of Martinez claim that a bartender from their town created this drink for the first time known as “Martinez Special”

There is yet another story of martini cocktail originating in New York’s Knickerbocker Hotel. Nevertheless, martini has become a very popular mixed alcoholic drink over the years.

How to order a Martini Cocktail?

Dry, Wet or Perfect Martini: Ordering a dry martini means you are asking for a martini with less vermouth. Vermouth adds a sweet flavor to your martini. So if you are asking dry be prepared for a hard taste. An extra dry martini won’t have vermouth at all. A wet one comes with more and the perfect ones equal the amount of gin and vermouth.

Gin or Vodka: When you order a martini, you get a cocktail made of gin and vermouth with an added flavor of an herb. However you can choose to use vodka instead of gin. Make sure you tell the bartender your choice.

Shaken or Stirred: A shaken martini cocktail is mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice and thus produces a diluter drink. On the other hand, the stirred martini chills the cocktail without using the ice and diluting it.

Dirty: A dirty martini automatically comes with olives. If you are an olive lover, then you will love this martini as you get an option to add extra olives or olives juice.

Gibson: The only difference here is that it comes garnished with a small onion also known as cocktail onion instead of an olive.

Vesper: This martini is different and comprises of gin, vodka, lillet blanc and lemon twist. It has become famous after James Bond movie Casino Royale.

Some people say that the martini cocktail is made of a 5:1 ration, 5 part gin and 1 part vermouth but restaurants and bar nowadays do not use much vermouth, only a splash probably. They just adjust the amount of gin or vodka depending on the glass size.

How do you make a classic martini cocktail?


1 oz dry vermouth

4 oz gin

1 cocktail glass

Ice or lemon twist or a pickled and green olive

For best tasting martinis store the martini glass in the freezer for one to two hours. Vermouth needs to be stored in the refrigerator as it perishes easily.


  1. Firstly fill the metal shaker (make sure you store the metal shaker in freezer) with cracked ice.
  2. Pour the dry vermouth preferably Noilly Prat or according to your choice. Stir the mixture briefly, and strain out (this may be discarded).
  3. After that add 4 oz of gin preferably Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, or Beefeater and make it around 94-proof.
  4. Stir or shake briskly for about 10 seconds, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with a lemon twist or an olive. Pour it into chilled martini cocktail glass.
  5. Garnish it with the olive or lemon twist and serve it straight up. Make sure there is no ice in the glass

martini cocktail

If someone is asking for rocks with martini, it means that the person wants the leftover of ice from the shaker. In this case pour the martini into the cocktail glass and pour the leftover ice in a rock glass.

In most restaurants the customers get a choice to choose which liquor they want to add in their martini cocktail. The liquor quality is divided into well, call and premium. Well is the not the expensive one and is displayed on the lower shelf, call is the middle one and premium is the costliest one which is displayed on the top shelf. You can choose either one depending on what you want and you’re the money you want to spend on your martini cocktail.

Top 8 Classic Cocktails With Vodka

Top 8 Classic Cocktails With Vodka

Like me some people are just crazy about cocktails just buying them because we love to do so. In this age of trends it is easy to find some of the best cocktails with the best prices that add on to your taste. When it comes to cocktails the very first thing that comes to your mind is vodka. The most interesting fact about vodka is that it has got a unique quality and that is it has supreme mix ability. Only this reason makes vodka a base in some of the leading cocktails in the world today. So what you we waiting for let’s look at some cocktails with vodka as a main ingredient.


Classic Cocktails With Vodka


Vodka Martini


This is definitely the first brand that would have come to your mind once we started discussing cocktails with vodka. Over the past several years, Martini has become one of the best mixed drinks of all times. Also known as the kangaroo cocktail, Vodka Martini is a perfect mix of vodka and vermouth that tastes really good. You might be thinking now that what adds to the taste because there is nothing new in this mixture. So here it is, a strip of lemon is squeezed in this and definitely for garnishing they use cocktail onions. The mixture comes in two ways .i.e. either it is shaken or stirred. One should try this for sure.


cosmopolitan cocktail

Served in a martini glass, this particular cocktail has gained splendid reviews from the drink lovers. The preparation is really interesting as this cocktail is made of vodka as its base together with cranberry juice and triple sec. The overall mixture gets further intensified when fresh lime juice is added to it. Be it New York or San Francisco, Cosmopolitan acquired a great share in the cocktail industry worldwide in just a few years. There is a variety in this very cocktail as well as a white Cosmo can be prepared as well if one is adding white cranberry juice for replacing the normal red juice. A purple cocktail with the same name can also be prepared if you are adding blue curacao for replacing triple sec.

Bloody Mary

bloody mary cocktail

Believe it or not, this cocktail is a magnificent example of how you can experiment different genres and come up with a unique mixture. Again having vodka as its key ingredient, Bloody Mary is equipped with a number of things which are tomato juice, celery, beef consommé and Tabasco sauce. The unique ingredient which just adds on to its taste is the Worcestershire sauce. Other spices and flavoring agents also play a vital role in making this cocktail, one of the exceptional drinks to date. Another name for this drink particularly in United States is Hair of the Dog. An amazing feature of this beverage is that it has the capability of curing acute hangovers due to the presence of heavy veggies base in it. Of all the cocktails with vodka, this one of my favorites.

Moscow Mule


Invented in 1941, Moscow Mule is a brilliant cocktail and is served in a large copper mug. The ingredients that assist this beverage to capture huge response include vodka and a spicy ginger beer. Again the taste is ignited by a fresh lime juice. It is also known as the Vodka Buck. The uniqueness in this particular cocktail lies in the manner in which it is served. No other beverage is served in a copper mug. The popular TV shows also experimented with this cocktail to attract huge audience and they succeeded as well.

Yellow Scorpion


Very popular in almost all the leading bars and restaurants, Yellow Scorpion is a fresh view in itself to opt out for. You will just get attracted to it without knowing that whether it’s a normal beverage or a cocktail. Using vodka as its base, Yellow Scorpion’s main ingredient is aniseed with lime juice. Apart from this there is a good addition of pineapple juice as well. You can definitely go for this as this is more of a healthy drink, to be frank. To make it somewhat different sometimes orgeat syrup is also used as one of its additions while preparing.

Black Russian


In a discussion featuring cocktails with vodka how you can forget about this gem. The Black Russian is something which can never be passed over when you are popping out for a famous cocktail. The presence of coffee liqueur in this particular beverage gives it an edge over others for sure. It tastes really different and if you are a strong taste lover, here it is for you. This also uses vodka as a base in its preparation. Initiated in the year 1949, this is served nicely with some extra ice cubes that adds to the taste and pleasure of the person having it. It has got the most variations ranging from Dirty Black Russian and Black Magic to Colorado Bulldog and Vader.

Woo Woo


Woo woo is a tremendous alcoholic beverage that is enriched with cranberry juice together with vodka as the base. A rare ingredient that intensifies the overall drink is peach schnapps and is served in a highball glass. Either shake the ingredients or stir it together that totally depends on how you want it. Lime wedge is used to garnish the drink. This very beverage is available for all.



Another spectacular beverage is using apple as it main ingredient. Apple is added to the drink in its various forms. It uses vodka as its base together with apple brandy, apple juice, apple liqueur and most importantly apple cider. It tastes just awesome and has attained great choice from its customers. As in regular martini, vermouth can be added as well together with a sweet or sour addition. Strained in a cocktail glass after being shaken or stirred, this beverage was created in the year 1996 at the West Hollywood restaurant. It is also known as the Adam’s apple Martini.

On the whole this collection of cocktails with vodka is a big buzz in the market now a days. You should try each one of these at least once and experience the difference in each for sure. All these variations would assist you in gaining a lifetime exposure.

You can also check out my top 10 cocktail drinks.

If you have tried these or other cocktails with vodka as the main ingredient please share your experience below by leaving a comment.

Awesome Mojito Recipe to Make Our Favorite Rum Cocktail

Awesome Mojito Recipe to Make Our Favorite Rum Cocktail

Love mojitos? Your barman makes it so fast and chooses to keep his trade secrets a mystery. The Mojito is a popular cocktail that everyone falls in love with. Each tapster has their signature attached to the cocktail. The mojito recipe is easy, and you can make your drink at home or for a party.

The History of the Mojito Recipe

Mojito has a long history running hundreds of years attached to it. What most people know is that the drink has its origins in Cuba. Several theories exist on who discovered the drink. Mojito is said to come from the African word Mojo, which means spell. African slaves working in the sugarcane fields are believed to have been the original inventors of the drink. Back in the days, rum was very bitter. They came up with a way of enjoying it by mixing it with mint and sugarcane juice.

Another of the stories associates the drink to Sir Francis Drake, a sea captain and renowned slave trader. In the late 16th Century, Drake sailed to Havana, the Cuban capital. His crew was suffering from scurvy and dysentery. Part of the crew came up with an efficient way of treating both diseases. They brought on board a mixture of crude rum, mint, sugarcane juice and lime from the Cuban coast. Rum and lime carried the medicinal properties, but they were too bitter hence needed to be suppressed by mint and sugarcane juice. The result was a drink known as “El-draque” which would years later evolve to become mojito.

The drink rose to popularity when American writer Sir Earnest Hemingway declared his love for the drink in the legendary La Boguedito del Medio Bar in Havana. On the wall of the bar is an inscription by Earnest Hemingway “My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita.” Many people visiting Cuba will stop by the bar to enjoy a mojito just like him.

A Classic Mojito Recipe

You will require a muddler, glass, and spoon to make the mojito.

Mojito Recipe: Ingredients


 3/4 ounce fresh lime juice

 A slice of fresh lime

 10 mint leaves

1 ounce Simple Syrup (Sugar water) or 1 tablespoon of fine sugar.

 1/2 ounce chilled club soda

 2 ounces white rum

The Mojito Recipe: How to Make

  1. Muddle the lime juice with the sugar, if using syrup simply mix the two.
  2. Add eight of the mint leaves and mash them with the solution. The bruises created on the leaves will release the aroma of the mint leaves into your drink. You can use the muddler or spoon to rub them against the glass.
  3. Now fill two-thirds of your glass with ice cubes and pour in the rum
  4. Pour club soda and place your remaining mint leaves at the top to garnish. Alternatively, you may pitch a slice of lime at the top of your glass.

mojito recipe

Customizing the Mojito Recipe

Over the years, mojito has evolved; you can use various ingredients to customize the drink. For instance, to have a tropical twist, you can use passion fruits. Cut a passion fruit in half at scoop out its centers. Strain them through a sieve to get their juice. Now make the classic mojito then add the passion juice as you add the rum. You can float a slice of passion fruit to garnish. Maybe, you do not have white rum at your disposal, but you still want to make a mojito. Easy, substitute the rum with vodka. Club soda can be replaced with sprite.

Are you the designated driver? Not to worry, you can also enjoy a mojito. A virgin mojito is one without alcohol content. As you prepare the classic mojito, leave out the rum or vodka. To add color and taste mango juice can also be used to make virgin mojitos. If you love fruity cocktails, you may opt to try out the raspberry mojito. Add raspberries and an ounce of sugar to two ounces of lime juice. Use a muddler to gently press them. Clap mint leaves on your hands then add them to the mixture. Add ice and top up the solution with two ounces of rum and an ounce of club soda. You can garnish with mint or raspberries.

Check out my margarita recipe here you will like it as well.

Mojito is quite popular. According to a 2014 study by CGA Strategy, the mojito was the most popular cocktail in Britain. As we have seen, you can customize your mojito recipe to suit your taste buds and available ingredients. The best thing about mojito is that you will enjoy it with friends while at the same time benefiting from the medicinal properties of lime and mint.

If you have your own twists, share your mojito recipe with me by leaving a comment below.

The Perfect Margarita Recipe To Make The Best Margarita Cocktail

The Perfect Margarita Recipe To Make The Best Margarita Cocktail

After sharing with you my top 10 best cocktail drinks it was only natural that I provided you with the recipe and steps to make one of the most popular cocktails, the Margarita. So here is my margarita recipe.

What Is The Margarita Anyway?

The Margarita is a classic spirited cocktail that is primarily consisting of tequila and lemon or lime juice. It can be made many different ways as any bartender will tell you. Mastering techniques and learning to make them is a constant learning process even if you have done so for quite some time.

Best known for its fame and its flare for social ventures. The margarita has an intrigue to it that an inexperienced connoisseur will have a must try moment. Do you know what a margarita and an inspirational speaker have in common? Neither one will shut up. The motivational speaker will keep going all night if you will let him/her. With all different styles and ways to enjoy the margarita, you will find the urge to keep them coming.

A Little Taste Of the Famous “Margarita” Recipe

The drink was invented for a dancer named Marjorie King. She was found unable to enjoy many forms of alcohol due to allergy, but she was not allergic to tequila. There are other stories of how it came to be invented with tales of its existence being conjured by different bartenders over the years. It was stated that when Danny Herrera died in May of 1992 at the age of 90, he was the originator of the drink.

Some Facts Not Well Known About the Margarita Cocktail

  1. The Margarita was cocktail of the month in Esquire magazine in December 1953.
  2. The margarita drink can be served in huge goblets. These were originally intended for multiple people to share and establishments were prohibited from serving this drink by the ordinance drinking laws as it contains a lot of alcohol in such a big glass. It is still served in this gigantic goblet in many establishments across the United States. “Shhh! don’t tell anyone.”
  3. It was jetted into popularity when Jimmy Buffett produced a hit song called “Margaritaville”.
  4. More people get buzzed faster with the margarita than many other alcoholic choices. Mainly due to many consumers not tasting alcohol in it as its blended with a lot of juice in its current concoctions.
  5. The name Margarita is becoming a popular girls name nationwide.
  6. It comes in endless varieties that you could try a different one every week over a year time span.
  7. Its name means Daisy.

The Margarita Recipe: Ingredients

1 1/2 ounces of tequila

1/2 ounce triple sec (Cointreau is recommended)

1 ounce of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice

Salt or sugar (both optional)

Crushed Ice

A glass

The Margarita Recipe: How to Make

Rim the glass with some either sugar or salt by moistening the rim of glass with juice of choice and dipping the top of glass into either salt or sugar. Pick only one. If you are brave and want to experiment. Try both then!

margarita recipe

  1. Shake all ingredients with some cracked ice.
  2. Strain the mixture into a glass.
  3. You can serve it over ice or by making a frozen version by placing into a blender and blending until as mix is slushy.
  4. Garnish with a sugar covered lime wedge if using sugar or just a lime wedge if using salt.
  5. Enjoy!


With All The Variations of The Margarita Recipe, Where Do I Start

Start off with the classic margarita recipe as stated above. Gradually branch out and try more, but start off with the styles that you know your taste buds already are inclined to liking. For instance, do you like spicy tastes or do you prefer sweet? Ideas of the classes are classic, sweet, fruity, spicy, frozen, and beer mixed as a few options.

Try to experiment with foods, fruits, and fruit juices you already admire. Try mixing different ideas you come up with. Try a new one each week. Did you know you can make margaritas using some unique ingredients like aloe vera juice, vanilla extract, flavored syrups, coconut water or oil, chocolate, ginger, and jalapeno. They will become a hit with your entire circle of friends and family that most likely never heard of or tried themselves.

Now find your lost shaker of salt, invite a group of friends or family over, and find a way to incorporate this wonderful drink into your daily grind. Your new homemade margarita recipe will end the day with laughter, fun, and the fulfilling cocktail that will bring everyone smiles. You will succeed with your new found mixing talent, but they may cry when they find out that you don’t cook so well!

Share your own margarita recipe with me by leaving a comment below.

Top 10 Best Cocktail Drinks You Should Already Know and Have Tasted

Top 10 Best Cocktail Drinks You Should Already Know and Have Tasted

So folks I have decided to start sharing all the information I have with you, and I know the perfect place to start. Yes, my all-time top 10 best tasting cocktail drinks which I believe most of you should already know or at least heard about.

What is your first thought when someone mentions summer? I’m sure you would agree its cocktails! Don’t you just love summer cocktail drinks? Every cocktail has its special flavor and scent which for many of us can be impossible to resist!

You can either make them at home or go out and pursue the best cocktail bar in town, but one thing is sure, you will keep coming back to your favorite ones!

If you are among people who like to prepare their cocktails in the comfort of their home, you know all the advantages of such preparation. First of all, it is much cheaper than buying cocktails in bars, and it has a special charm to it. There is no bar or place in the world where you can relax in the same way as in your own home. It is much more private, you can choose your company, it can even be only you and your cocktail with your favorite music, or sometimes just a friend or two who share your taste in cocktail drinks. One thing is very important for you to remember – Relax and be selfish in pleasing your own tastes.

If, however, you are not alone at your cocktail parties you might want to learn about as many different types of cocktail drinks, so you can impress your friends and yourself!

Take a look at these ten beauties; you never know if one of these cocktail drinks will become you favorite!


cosmopolitan cocktail

I’m sure if anyone asked you what is the most celebrated cocktail around the world you would say – Cosmopolitan. I mean, what else did Carrie Bradshaw drink every weekend, (maybe it was more often than that) but the trendiest cocktail. It is amazing how for so many years (last 20-30) it has remained as one of the most popular and demanded cocktails literally everywhere in the world!

In case you would like to try to make it by yourself there some things you should bear in mind.

This amazing blend of vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice has managed to win over so many different cocktails. If you are among Cosmopolitan fans you know it has a very clear taste and that’s why many vodka lovers prefer it.

Key ingredients are good brand of cranberry juice as well as triple sec, as this can facilitate the entire preparation process.

Bloody Mary

bloody mary cocktail

Oh, Bloody Mary! Only pronouncing it makes me want to prepare one for myself right now!

It is possible to buy this mix in bottles in many stores now, but I prefer enjoying while preparing it and adding all the necessary ingredients like high quality tomato juice, some squeezed lemons and a spice or two! There you have it, you should try it as soon as you have an opportunity to indulge in its amazing taste!


mojito cocktail

Mojito has become very popular for summer beach parties or outdoor parties anywhere in the world. Its minty taste combines so well with tropic heat and makes it easier to go through any hot summer day. This popular mixture of white rum, mint, lime juice, sugar and soda water actually has a relatively low alcohol content. One of the most important things when preparing a Mojito is to crush instead cut mint leaves. This way mint oils can be better released and add to the flavor.

It is not known for how long Mojito has been present, but its popularity dates back from the 80s of the last century.


caipirinha cocktail

Sounds like Brazil, doesn’t it? It is one of the most recognizable Brazilian products in the world, and its popularity has spread really fast thanks to its amazing taste that hides almost all the alcohol bitterness. It is usually made of white rum or cachaca, brown sugar and lime juice, but if you decide to make this one by yourself be careful with dosing the rum!

Its origin dates back from the beginning of the 20th century and you will not believe what its purpose was – it was a medicine against Spanish flu.

It has not become more wide spread throughout the world due to a fact that high quality cachaca brands are impossible to be found in North America and Europe.


margarita cocktail

The origin of Margarita dates back to the middle of last century, and it was probably first time blended in somewhere around Baja California and Mexico. It continues to be popular in that region as well as in every place that is crowded with cocktail drink lovers! It is very easy to make Margaritas by yourself; you only need three ingredients – tequila, triple sec and lime juice.

Don’t forget to serve it in salt rimmed cocktail glass, as this is the main feature of Margarita!

Pina Colada

pina colada cocktail

A classic among cocktail drinks! This tropical beauty has a very distinctive look and taste. It is simple yet extraordinary mixture of rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice that has its supporters all over the globe!

It is especially loved by those who are not fans of bitter alcohol taste, but prefer their cocktail tasting similar to a smoothie instead!

Apple Martini (Appletini)

apple martini cocktail

Don’t get confused with its name, yes it is normally called “Appletini”! Unlike typical dry Martini its base is not gin, but vodka which makes a big change in its taste! Apple schnapps is almost always used to add sweet/sour taste of apple to the cocktail. You can always add a little lemon juice and adorn the glass with an apple slice just to make a difference from serving a typical dry Martini, as they are served in the same type of glass.

Long Island Iced Tea

long island iced tea cocktail

For some reason it is very popular and considered stylish by men, so it never goes out of fashion. This very strong concoction of rum, vodka, gin, triple sec and tequila is often made milder with cola or even lemon juice.

Don’t be fooled by its name, it contains no tea! But what resembles taste of tea is cola added to it in the very last stage of its preparation.

One thing is known for sure, it comes from Long Island, Tennessee and it is believed that it gain most popularity during 70s of the last century.


Many of you might be surprised, but it is actually a different version of Long Island Iced Tea. Its main ingredients are rum, vodka, gin, tequila and orange liqueur with a small amount of orange juice.

You may recognize it served in a tall glass with a slice of orange on its rim. Served like this, it may look very innocent, but keep in mind it is everything but!

Tequila Sunrise

Definitely a cocktail drinks that stands out with its special dimension of flavor. It consists, of course, of tequila as it main ingredient, orange juice and grenadine. You must admit it is an unforgettable concoction!

You can serve it in a tall glass with a cherry or two and enjoy the perfect taste!

You have to admit these are our top cocktail drinks. If you were confused before, you have now surely enriched your knowledge on different cocktails. What are you waiting for? Play some nice music, make your favorite cocktail and enjoy! Go ahead and share your experiences with the different cocktails by leaving a comment below.