Like me some people are just crazy about cocktails just buying them because we love to do so. In this age of trends it is easy to find some of the best cocktails with the best prices that add on to your taste. When it comes to cocktails the very first thing that comes to your mind is vodka. The most interesting fact about vodka is that it has got a unique quality and that is it has supreme mix ability. Only this reason makes vodka a base in some of the leading cocktails in the world today. So what you we waiting for let’s look at some cocktails with vodka as a main ingredient.


Classic Cocktails With Vodka


Vodka Martini


This is definitely the first brand that would have come to your mind once we started discussing cocktails with vodka. Over the past several years, Martini has become one of the best mixed drinks of all times. Also known as the kangaroo cocktail, Vodka Martini is a perfect mix of vodka and vermouth that tastes really good. You might be thinking now that what adds to the taste because there is nothing new in this mixture. So here it is, a strip of lemon is squeezed in this and definitely for garnishing they use cocktail onions. The mixture comes in two ways .i.e. either it is shaken or stirred. One should try this for sure.


cosmopolitan cocktail

Served in a martini glass, this particular cocktail has gained splendid reviews from the drink lovers. The preparation is really interesting as this cocktail is made of vodka as its base together with cranberry juice and triple sec. The overall mixture gets further intensified when fresh lime juice is added to it. Be it New York or San Francisco, Cosmopolitan acquired a great share in the cocktail industry worldwide in just a few years. There is a variety in this very cocktail as well as a white Cosmo can be prepared as well if one is adding white cranberry juice for replacing the normal red juice. A purple cocktail with the same name can also be prepared if you are adding blue curacao for replacing triple sec.

Bloody Mary

bloody mary cocktail

Believe it or not, this cocktail is a magnificent example of how you can experiment different genres and come up with a unique mixture. Again having vodka as its key ingredient, Bloody Mary is equipped with a number of things which are tomato juice, celery, beef consommé and Tabasco sauce. The unique ingredient which just adds on to its taste is the Worcestershire sauce. Other spices and flavoring agents also play a vital role in making this cocktail, one of the exceptional drinks to date. Another name for this drink particularly in United States is Hair of the Dog. An amazing feature of this beverage is that it has the capability of curing acute hangovers due to the presence of heavy veggies base in it. Of all the cocktails with vodka, this one of my favorites.

Moscow Mule


Invented in 1941, Moscow Mule is a brilliant cocktail and is served in a large copper mug. The ingredients that assist this beverage to capture huge response include vodka and a spicy ginger beer. Again the taste is ignited by a fresh lime juice. It is also known as the Vodka Buck. The uniqueness in this particular cocktail lies in the manner in which it is served. No other beverage is served in a copper mug. The popular TV shows also experimented with this cocktail to attract huge audience and they succeeded as well.

Yellow Scorpion


Very popular in almost all the leading bars and restaurants, Yellow Scorpion is a fresh view in itself to opt out for. You will just get attracted to it without knowing that whether it’s a normal beverage or a cocktail. Using vodka as its base, Yellow Scorpion’s main ingredient is aniseed with lime juice. Apart from this there is a good addition of pineapple juice as well. You can definitely go for this as this is more of a healthy drink, to be frank. To make it somewhat different sometimes orgeat syrup is also used as one of its additions while preparing.

Black Russian


In a discussion featuring cocktails with vodka how you can forget about this gem. The Black Russian is something which can never be passed over when you are popping out for a famous cocktail. The presence of coffee liqueur in this particular beverage gives it an edge over others for sure. It tastes really different and if you are a strong taste lover, here it is for you. This also uses vodka as a base in its preparation. Initiated in the year 1949, this is served nicely with some extra ice cubes that adds to the taste and pleasure of the person having it. It has got the most variations ranging from Dirty Black Russian and Black Magic to Colorado Bulldog and Vader.

Woo Woo


Woo woo is a tremendous alcoholic beverage that is enriched with cranberry juice together with vodka as the base. A rare ingredient that intensifies the overall drink is peach schnapps and is served in a highball glass. Either shake the ingredients or stir it together that totally depends on how you want it. Lime wedge is used to garnish the drink. This very beverage is available for all.



Another spectacular beverage is using apple as it main ingredient. Apple is added to the drink in its various forms. It uses vodka as its base together with apple brandy, apple juice, apple liqueur and most importantly apple cider. It tastes just awesome and has attained great choice from its customers. As in regular martini, vermouth can be added as well together with a sweet or sour addition. Strained in a cocktail glass after being shaken or stirred, this beverage was created in the year 1996 at the West Hollywood restaurant. It is also known as the Adam’s apple Martini.

On the whole this collection of cocktails with vodka is a big buzz in the market now a days. You should try each one of these at least once and experience the difference in each for sure. All these variations would assist you in gaining a lifetime exposure.

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If you have tried these or other cocktails with vodka as the main ingredient please share your experience below by leaving a comment.

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